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Yet to become aware

Graphite on paper.
650 x 750 mm

This drawing begins to explore the human relationship with nature.
A longing to understand what nature is to us, how we are part of it and how we try to distance ourselves from it. Nature is something out there and we humans are inside looking out. The blinders allow us to shut out whatever is out there whenever we desire.
But the plant grows through the restriction, breaking our attempt to control and contain it. Yet it is unclear whether the plant is growing in or out. Is it us humans longing to grow out of our own restrictions, the walls we have put around ourselves, our innate nature trying to find its way home? Or is nature forcing us to acknowledge its presence, inescapable and unattainable to control? If looking closer at the bottom half of the drawing, there are thin lines suggesting a continuation of the drawing. Here the artist further explores the control to omit.


Galleri Alva, Norrlands Universitetssjukhus, 2022.

DSC01619 kopiera.jpg
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